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Lanker Pack Group Limited

Based in Guangdong, China, Lanker Pack (a member of Logos group) are a private packaging manufacturer with passion and pride in supplying high quality packaging materials to packaging distributors, manufacturers, supermarkets, co-packers, etc. Using state-of-the-art equipment, We create a wide range of products that includes pre-made pouches and films. 

Since 2007, We have been supplying secure and reliable packaging materials for food and non-food industries for over ten year. We have supplied packaging materials to American, European, Asian Pacific market and so on with top quality. Our customer includes Nestle, Heinz, ALDI, MUJI, Seven-11, Durex and so on. 
Lanker Pack has been 20 years as professional flexible packaging supplier. We have provided comprehensive flexible packaging solutions for customers, and we are very strong in Spout Pouch, Flat Bottom Pouch and other flexible packaging pouches and films. Our mission is to customize them into different customer solutions base on regular marketing research and technology studies. Lanker Pack also takes responsibility for all employees as we are one family, we provide the training programs to improve the vocational skills under a good learning atmosphere, and share the experiences from lives and work. We are not only seeking development of company, but also development of all employees!