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Environmental protection packaging overwhelming, packaging comprehensive upgrade

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According to the survey, metal packaging accounts for 8%-10% in the packaging market; paper packaging accounts for 32%-35%; glass packaging accounts for 4%-6%; other packaging accounts for about 4%; plastic packaging accounts for more than 50%, and most plastic bags cannot be recycled. With the concept of low-carbon environmental protection gradually becoming the main theme of the society, many environmentally polluting packaging is fading out of people's lives, and environmentally-friendly packaging bags have become the future development trend of the packaging industry. In the face of environmental protection, although the pressure of enterprises is big, if the environmental protection is really put into practice, I believe that enterprises will also benefit a lot. Under the background of production demand and environmental protection, it is imperative to promote green packaging.

Below, the professional flexible packaging manufacturing Lanker pack will come to the packaging direction and practice.

1. Biodegradable packaging, safe and environmentally friendly Biodegradable packaging uses plant starch as the main raw material. After being discarded, it can be composted and degraded without causing white pollution. More importantly, this kind of packaging can fundamentally guarantee food safety and is recognized by food companies all over the world. For example, the US fast food distribution company has upgraded the package of fast food packaging and salad dressing, upgrading the existing packaging to packaging made of plant-based raw materials such as corn and sugar cane, and minimizing the large amount of garbage generated by the catering and distribution service. Canada's organic and non-genetically modified pet food manufacturers, fully upgraded pet Food Packaging Bags, which are sugar cane-based materials, said the person in charge of the company: "As a food company, we are committed to providing pets with nutritious and full range of foods. In response to the health and environmental protection needs of the majority of end consumers, we have made a comprehensive upgrade of pet food soft bags, using bio-based materials packaging, strictly controlling every link in the production chain, creating organic and healthy food for pets, while reducing packaging. Environmental impact." In addition, bio-based materials are also used in other fields, such as wine packaging, confectionery packaging, bakery packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, toiletries packaging, and express packaging, even in general supermarket chains. The shadow of bio-based materials can be found, and biodegradable packaging is expected to become the new favorite of the packaging industry.

2.courier recycling, reduce the environmental pressure of rapid development of e-commerce to bring convenience to people, but also bring a lot of garbage, express packaging recycling and reuse has been a big problem. Major platforms and logistics companies have begun to introduce environmentally-friendly courier boxes that are recyclable and recyclable. For example, the rookie network launched an environmentally-friendly tote that can be reused. Since July 2016, Beijing Post EMS has used [green packaging" that can be recycled and reused, and uses reusable environmentally friendly packaging containers for transit shipments. In the [last mile", Beijing EMS will also use new energy electric vehicles for transportation. In mid-April 2017, Suning announced the online [drift box plan", which replaces ordinary cartons with recyclable plastic boxes. In addition, a new type of courier, collapsible, inflatable and recyclable courier package jointly developed by Wu Huachun, Chang Jianwei and Zhao Jingze of Wuhan University of Technology is also about to be put into production. The case is made of environmentally friendly PP plastic. Built-in inflatable cushioning airbag made of TPU material. The airbag achieves constant pressure and aeration under the aid of the constant pressure and suction air suction device, so that the airbag can be fully fitted with the product to achieve an optimal buffering effect and better protect the commodity so as not to be damaged during transportation. This new type of courier box is similar in shape to the storage box. When it is not opened, it is like a rectangular plastic plate. Once it is opened, it will be placed in the courier box, and the items that need to be delivered will be placed. The airbag is inflated, the airbag and the article are fully fitted, the lid is closed, and a courier item is packaged.
3. oxygen barrier Packaging Film to help consumers understand packaging recycling Canada Nova Chemicals has developed a new easy to recycle oxygen barrier packaging film, the future food company does not need to choose between high barrier properties and recyclability of packaging materials It is. Traditional recyclable flexible packaging for meat, cheese, nuts and other snack foods can be used. The packaging structure design extends Nova Chemicals' recyclable film design, including moisture sensitive applications such as dry foods, blends, frozen foods and candies. Both packaging film solutions are certified and have been awarded the [Instore drop-off" packaging label in [How2Recycle", a program designed to help consumers understand plastic packaging recycling. Mike Cappelli, Food Packaging Marketing Manager at Nova Chemicals, said: "This package meets consumer requirements for lightweight, economical and sustainable packaging and is recognized by customers, industry and the environment. In addition, it can be used in a variety of applications. Flexible packaging, including stand-up pouches, pillow pouches and flowing liquid packaging. Customized packaging with zippers or accessories for single or multi-purpose applications can also be added."
4. Recycled plastics, giving packaging a second life With the development of recycled PET woven bag production technology, Austrian Starlinger & Co. GmbH has created an opportunity to give packaging a second life – using recycled PET sheets to make packaging, this is A new technology that extracts raw materials from PET bottles such as plastic bottles to produce woven tapes, which are then made into large bags and woven bags.
5. Stephane Soudais, General Manager of Starlinger Consumer Bags, a woven bag made from recycled PET. [The packaging made of PET has special properties such as hardness, effective grease and odor resistance. This packaging becomes a consumer product. Ideal packaging. PET is one of the few plastics that can be recycled. Our technology can directly convert PET flakes into woven tapes, which are then used to make bags such as IC*STAR and consumer goods. Recycled PET woven bags are in use. It can be recycled and can be used to make new woven bags or for other applications." Since its debut at the K show in Germany last October, it has attracted the attention of many stakeholders, especially those in consumer packaging.
6.packaging slimming, for enterprises to create profit margins from the current development trend of packaging, packaging lightweight has become a development trend. When a package is successfully implemented and lightened, it not only reduces packaging consumables, but also is very beneficial to the environment. More importantly, it can also effectively reduce material costs and create more profits for the enterprise. At present, many domestic enterprises have made efforts to reduce the weight of packaging in order to save costs. For example, using packaging bags instead of cartons to save space, on-demand customization, etc., under the premise of ensuring packaging functions, continuously reduce product packaging and reduce packaging volume. . At the same time, this demand of the terminal also drives the innovation of the industrial chain. In the future, the packaging industry will continue to carry out technological transformation and innovation, improve production efficiency and raw material utilization rate, in order to save more social resources, and put advanced environmental protection concepts into actual production. At the same time, it is also hoped that the middle and lower reaches of the industry chain will work together to create a sustainable green chain for green packaging.


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