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Flat Bottom Kraft Paper Bag

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Flat Bottom Kraft Paper Bag

We`d like to introduce our new flat bottom Kraft Paper Bag. This bag complements our existing product line. These packages keep the advantages of flat bottom bag in stability and rigidity, and also provides a natural appearance to the consumers. The pouches are laminated with kraft paper (white or brown color) and other clear or high barrier materials, to satisfy customers` requirements on oxygen and moisture barrier and brand displaying. And we could help you to print your logo or design on the paper directly from 1 to 10 colors.

Furthermore, we could make a shaped window in front of the bag, to make the inside food visible. If you want the pouch resealable, we have different resealable zipper for your option, they are PTC zipper, velcro zipper, slider zipper and pocket zipper. The flat bottom paper bag is an ideal packaging for coffee, potato chips, snacks, pet food, powders, seeds, suger, salt or non-food products like fertilizers, etc.


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