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  • Pet Food Bag

    Pet food bags are used for all kind of pet food packaging, the pouches are made with the reclosable zipper for reuse purpose. In order to protect the food inside, all pet food bags are made with the high barrier material to make sure they have a longer shelf life.There have four main pet food bags i

  • Why Stand-Up Pouches Are a Fast-Growing Segment

    Packaging trends pop up pretty quickly, and even when you have your finger on the pulse of the industry, there are always innovative new ways to present your items that you may not have considered.Stand-up pouches (SUPs) are one of the most convenient, flexible and trendy new packaging options. They

  • The food industry is one of the primary end-user for this market

    For food products, retort pouch packaging is primarily used for ready to eat meals, meat (beef, pork, chicken), seafood (tuna, shrimp, salmon, mackerel, mussels, salmon, etc.) sauces, pasta dishes, rice, baby food, fruits and vegetables, organic and frozen food. This unique form of packaging for foo

  • Spout Pouch

    Using high-grade manufacturing and printing technology, our spouted pouch products are well-equipped to safely store and transport both liquid and dry products without the mess. Beverages, cleaning products, liquid hygiene products – you name it, Eagle’s liquid pouch packaging capabilities are great

  • Laminated packaging

    Laminated packaging films are used to wrap or protect a product or container from environmental damages. The laminated packaging films can be made of plastic, paper, metal or other materials, in which plastic is the mostly used material. The food & beverages industry is the major consumer of laminat

  • The Benefits of Spout Pouch Packaging

    The Benefits of Spout Pouch PackagingA spout pouch or bag is a type of flexible packaging. Stand up pouch packaging has become one of the fastest growing packaging formats. Pouches are extremely versatile and can be easily customised. They are now seen an economical and environmentally friendly alte

  • What is the use of flat bottom bags?

    What is the use of flat bottom bags?Flat bottom bags can be used in the packaging of many industries such as food packaging, animal food packaging, organic product packaging, and many other uses.You can add an extra fitment in a flat bottom bag:Zipper (Make it easier to open the bag and maintain it)

  • Global Flexible Pouches Market to Observe Strong Development by 2030

    Innovations in packaging is improving convenience of handling goods such as food & beverages and other products. These flexible pouch packaging are offering such advantages in the packaging industry. Flexible pouches offers better safety and convenience while transportation compared to other forms o

  • Flexible Packaging Makes Sense

    We’ve all been waiting for some normalcy to return to our lives. Reflecting on the impacts of COVID-19 has many of us wondering if we’ll finally be able to enjoy some pre-pandemic activities this summer. My summers tend to involve camping music festivals and concerts — things that became nonexistent

  • Liquid Pouch Packaging

    Liquid pouches include several different variations made specifically for liquid packaging applications. They can be stand up, three side seal, burst, or dual component pouches.Burst pouches are usually 100% clear pouches used for containing industrial, non-edible liquids and powders. Dual component

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