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  • Corona Virus: Interpack 2020 Postponed

    In doing so, Messe Düsseldorf is following the recommendation of the crisis management team of the German Federal Government to take into account the principles of the Robert Koch Institute when assessing the risk of major events. Based on this recommendation and the recent significant increase in t

  • Why do food packaging bags break?

    2019-11-29Why do Food Packaging Bags break?The damage of food packaging bags is one of the important aspects affecting product quality, because the damage of food packaging bags not only affects the quality of product packaging, but also causes food to be wet, leaked, and deteriorated, which directl

  • Spouted Bags for Your Beverage Packaging

    Spouted bag is innovative products for liquid or powderred products. The spout design provides more convenience for the use and the flexible material will significantly reduce the logistics cost compared to rigid bottle.Each kind of liquid and beverage brings unique packaging requirements. In Lanker

  • Environmental protection packaging overwhelming, packaging comprehensive upgrade

    According to the survey, metal packaging accounts for 8%-10% in the packaging market; paper packaging accounts for 32%-35%; glass packaging accounts for 4%-6%; other packaging accounts for about 4%; plastic packaging accounts for more than 50%, and most plastic bags cannot be recycled. With the concept of low-carbon environmental protection gradually becoming the main theme of the society, many environmentally polluting packaging is fading out of people's lives, and enviro......

  • Analysis of future development trend of plastic packaging industry

    At present, the proportion of plastic packaging in the total output value of the packaging industry on the market has exceeded 30%, becoming a new force in the packaging industry and playing an irreplaceable role in various fields of food, beverage, daily necessities, and industrial and agricultural production. The plastic packaging ......

  • Structural Features And Advantages Of Stand Up Spout Pouch

    Stand up spout pouch is a flexible packaging bag with horizontal support structure at the bottom and suction nozzle at the top or side.The structure is divided into two parts: spout pouch and stand up pouch.The part of the self-supporting bag is the same as the ordinary four-side self-supporting bag in structure, but the composite ......

  • New Material--AloxPET: High barrier and high transparency film

    New Material--AloxPET: High barrier and high transparency film Although flexible packaging companies have been looking for an effective way to reduce costs, and many companies have also proposed a full-cost, all-round, and full-process cost management model, in the actual operation of cost management, most companies focus their ......

  • Flat Bottom Kraft Paper Bag

    We`d like to introduce our new flat bottom kraft paper bag. This bag complements our existing product line. These packages keep the advantages of flat bottom bag in stability and rigidity, and also provides a natural appearance to the consumers. The pouches are laminated with kraft paper (white or brown color) and other clear or high ......

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